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Welcome to FundsforClubs.coma-z lIST is a family run business dedicated to promoting easy and effective ways to fundraise though recycling. Our fundraisers are easy to organise and extremely effective in raising funds for your club. has established an excellent reputation for organising successful recycling fundraiser throughout the country and has also raised huge amounts of funds and awareness for clubs by getting the local community involved. Feedback from local communities suggests people are more willing to donate unwanted recyclable items from their home to a fundraiser rather than having to part with their own cash. has already raised over €70,000 for clubs up and down the country and this amount is growing constantly. We ensure that every event we run is highly successful guaranteeing maximum funds are raised for your club. Your club can choose from a variety of different fundraiser’s. You can choose to run just one event or mix and match as many as you like. Our team will be on hand to ensure maximum success whatever type of fundraiser your club decide to run. We can also create a constant revenue stream for your club through our personalised clothing banks and mobile phone boxes. These will be personalised with your club's name and logo and then delivered on site.

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