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Benefits To You Funds for clubs have helped clubs throughout the country raise funds in the region of €70,000.00 through our fundraising by recycling initiative. Not only are you raising funds for your club but you are also raising awareness of your club by advertising throughout the local community while also teaching the community on how important and helpful and easy recycling can be. We can also arrange to provide your club with a certificate to show how much has been donated and recycled. As you are asking people to donate unwanted recyclable items from their home to your fundraiser rather than dip into their own pockets means that they are more likely to donate and we have found this to be hugely successful in all our previous fundraisers. We are always on hand to offer our expert opinion on how to make your event a huge success and also to plan your next fundraiser. Contact Us Easy way to raise money which contributes to both you and the environment!

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