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How It works broken down into 4 easy steps. Step One Contact our Fundraiser team who will then begin to organise one of our specialised events and/or constant revenue stream for your club. Once our team have a clear idea of what exactly your club is looking to achieve through its fundraising event we will then personalise an event which suits your club perfectly. Once a date and time has been established for the event we can arrange a free poster and leaflet design which will help your club to promote its fundraiser. If you would like to really help your fundraiser stand out we can offer large discounts on full colour prints of the leaflets and posters we have designed for your club. Step Two On the day of the fundraiser our fundraising team will arrive at your club at an agreed time. We will weigh and count all clothes and mobile phones which have been donated and will arrange for payment to be made immediately. We can arrange to have a skip on site for the bulkier scrap metal items. Once this is full we will bring it to our main depot where we would like one of your members to attend the weigh in and to organise payment. Step Three Your club could raise an uncapped amount of funds throughout the year through our special constant revenue stream programme through placing once of our personalised clothing banks or mobile phone boxes at your premises. Both will feature your club's name and logo. They will be emptied regularly and maintained to the highest level. Your club will receive a percentage of all revenue raised. Payments from Clothing Banks will be made on a quarterly basis while payments from mobile phone boxes will be made as soon as they have been emptied. Step Four All items which have been collected by our fundraising team at your fundraiser are brought back to our main depot where they are checked for cleanliness and quality. Clothes are recycled and used again in third world countries and also in the production of items such as couches and carpets, while mobile phones are broken down into components for use in electrical equipment. Scrap metal is recycled into items such as cars, cans and window frames. Contact Us

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