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Why Recycle Clothes There are many reasons to recycle with one of the main being the mountains of discarded clothes and mobiles that end up in Irish landfills each and every year. Did you know that Synthetic (man-made fibres) products do not decompose? Woollen garments do decompose but they produce Methane, which contributes to global warming and other environmental problems. When clothing isn't recycled, it means more and more has to be produced and that means more pollution for all of us. All our textiles are taken to a purpose built factory where they are manually sorted in to specific materials, colours and quality. The clothes are graded and baled and distributed to a wide range of national and overseas markets. Once the clothes reach oversea markets they are sold at markets at affordable prices to help provide affordable clothing in poverty stricken areas. Clothing which cannot be reused are shredded down in to raw material (known as flock), which is used for a wide range of purposes such as carpets, mattresses, sofas and soundproofing. Mobile Phones Mobile phones can have damaging effects on our environment if not disposed of correctly. There are dangerous substances in old mobile phone batteries which can pollute our ground, water and air. However by recycling your old mobile phones you are ensuring that they do not go to landfill and are used to create new electronic equipment and therefore reducing the energy required to create these new devices and also reducing the emission of harmful substances. Scrap Metal Scrap metal can be recycled and used again to produce a huge range of items such as window frames, new vehicles, cans and building materials. By using recycled scrap metals we are reducing the amount of energy it takes to produce such items which is friendlier to our environment. Using recycled scrap metal to produce new products is also more cost effective and can help reduce the price of these new items. Scrap metal recycling facilities also employ a large number of people throughout the country. Contact Us

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